Showing disconnected at the top how do I connect and how do I get the compass to work?

Conduits developer
2017-09-06 09:37

We thank you for your question.

First, about the display of Disconnected / Connected.

This is actually the connection status with the Google API Client (which interacts with Wear and Google Fit).
In SIMTREK, the background service is connected to this Google API Client.
When this service is stopped, the status of the setting screen becomes Disconnected.
Is there any application on the smartphone that stops the service? (Like ASUS's Auto-start manager)

Next, the compass calculates the angle using the values read from the two sensors (Accelerometer, Magnetic Field).
Unfortunately we can not use compass in Wear where these two sensors are not equiped.

Also, if your wear is SONY SWR50, it seems there are times when it can not be read even if a sensor is equiped.

There is an example that it cured by updating the firmware of SWR50 to the latest,
Even so, there seems to be an example that it only cures for a short time.
(So we do not recommend updating the firmware ...)

Thank you for your cooperation.

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