What to do if purchasing information is not reflected

Conduits developer
2019-01-18 07:17

First, We're sorry we let you spent your time.

Please try to do following operation on your device.

(At first, make sure you do not have multiple Google Accounts on your device.)

1. Clear the data of "Real Calculator" application.

By this operation, confirmation of purchase information can be surely generated at next startup.

2. Clear the data of "Google Play Store"

Purchasing information is also cached in Google Play, so we need to erase this data as well.

3. Restart "Real Calculator" application.

We will confirm purchase information to Google Play in about 5 seconds.
When purchase information can be confirmed, the item of [Unlock Pro Version] disappears from the menu.

If the screen does not change after waiting a few seconds, select the [Unlock Pro Version] menu again.
Information on the item is displayed. (Here again we are checking purchasing information to Google Play)

When you tap that item, the purchase transaction starts again, but purchase fails without fail.
You will not be charged again.
Items in [Unlock Pro Version] can be purchased only once.

If purchasing progresses (please do not proceed!), please check the displayed Google Play account.
It may be different from the account that received the order number e-mail.

4. Terminate "Real Calculator" application and start it again.

After a few seconds from startup, confirmation of purchase information should be completed.


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